Monday, June 25, 2012


Following is a summary of what the employers expect when they interview candidates.

·         First and foremost, it is your appearance. This includes your dress and grooming, your handshake, your eye contact, how you express yourself, your body language, your consideration for others and your overall manners. If the initial reaction is negative, the candidate is not likely to be hired.

·         Second, the impression you create about your reliability. It includes showing up for the interview on time. When hiring a new employee, the employer wants to add someone who will be an asset and get things done. They want you to be a part of the solution to their problems. Many of the interview questions are intended to establish reliability. If a candidate comes across as unmotivated or disorganized, it is likely that someone with lesser experience will get the job.

·         The third and ultimate expectation of the employer is that you possess the skills and experiences to effectively handle the job responsibilities. You are invited for the interview because the employer believes you have the needed skills and experiences. Now it is up to you to prove that you possess the needed skills and experience in greater measure than all other candidates. This requires preparation and a clear understanding of your own capabilities as well as the job requirements. Many candidates have the needed skills, but they are not able to communicate that in the interview process.

Many career opportunities are lost because of simple mistakes such as not being on time, bad breath, limp handshake, avoiding eye contact, not using their names during interviewing, poor choice of clothes, bad manners, lack of consideration for others, failure to thank, and leaving the interview without an understanding of the next step .